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Flooring – Washington DC


Tile, Hardwood, Carpet

Performance, affordability, and diversity!

From tile to carpet, wood to stone; modern flooring has come a long way from its ancient roots. Civilization has developed many artful ways to utilize the natural resources found within its borders. The production of fiber brought wool and produced rugs, hand knotted with texture and patterns to enliven, soften, and warm your chilly floors. Tiles were when from stone, or fashioned from clay – from primitive to refined, some bearing ornate glazed patterns others put together in a mosaic. Wood has remained a constant, from the earliest times a staple of a well-heeled home, bringing richness and warmth – tone and dimension, a solid and enduring surface to live on.


From its origins in the east, Sixteenth century explorers brought the richness of textile floor covering to Europe. Eventually, it founds its way to America, and has become the most fundamental and appreciated element of the modern home interior. Hand knotting has been replaced with sophisticated manufacturing, with production engineered to create literally acres of creatively elegant carpeting as diverse as the textures of nature and the colors found within her. Explore the possibilities of carpet available for your remodel, and let your dreams come softly true!

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Wood flooring, available in an abundance of species, treatments and finishes, has an intrinsic depth and richness unmatched by anything with its integrity and natural beauty. Technology has yielded advanced production techniques producing a vast array of new hybrid materials to choose from. From a variety of species, to new quality finishes and superior construction techniques, hardwood has become a versatile option for all room applications, adding value to your home and enduring for the long haul. Whether you prefer a prolific grain pattern, or a clean modern appearance; smooth or planed, there is a wood floor for your every need and desire.


There has never been a time with such progressive technology in the field of laminate fabrication. Materials are friendly to install and offer ease of care and comfort for the feet. Manufacturers are producing patterns not only strikingly realistic to stone and wood, but also diverse and compelling visual abstracts and organic patterns. Quality, affordability, and style-forward choices make laminate an excellent option in todays flooring market.

Natural Stone

Timeless, elegant, a constant of style and reliability, Natural Stone remains enduringly popular from its roots as the oldest building material. From time immemorial in Egyptian Pyramids to Greek, Roman and ancient Asian cultures; stone has been harvested and hewn, cut, sculpted and polished for homes grand and small. Modern manufacturing now produces some amazingly advanced tile in a vast variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Drawing out the exquisite beauty of the natural tone and texture, stone tile adds organic beauty and integrity to your remodel project.

Ceramic Tile

When it comes to performance, affordability, and diversity, Ceramic Tile offers all this along with an ease of care and a monumental array of style choices. It has been around from ancient days as well, but today’s technology offers design and application possibilities not available before. Ceramic tile stands the test of time, a highly durable product that again had seen tremendous advancements in the last ten years. It is a natural product made from a fine clay, minerals and water; and glazed with an endless selection of superb color and textural finishes. It is durable, and will outperform many other floor coverings. Resists stains, odors and dirt, easily cleaned with damp mopping. Grade III and IV are extremely resistant to scratching, are environmentally friendly, and are even fire and water resistant.